who joins our table?

Guests of The Community Table are surveyed quarterly to assist us in learning who eats and how we might better be able to serve their needs.  

We interview 120 individuals anonymously. Information is used for grants and to verify a need to the Eau Claire community at large.  The last survey was conducted in January 2011. When you read these statistics please keep in mind that they are self reports.

Of the 120 individuals surveyed 41 were female, 79 male.  Twenty seven individuals reported being homeless, many of these people are sleeping on couches or floors at the homes of friends or relatives.  Many of these individuals express deep concern or stretching the resources of the people who are sharing a roof with them.  Sixty-two individuals rent their home and ten own their home. Several people who own their home said that eating at The Community Table has helped keep them from going into foreclosure. The remaining individuals live either in group homes, motels or hotels.  Thirty-six individuals said that they share a living space with someone not related to them in order to share expenses thus making their money go farther to meet their living needs.

Seventy three percent of those surveyed live on extremely low annual income.  Seventy single individuals report living on less than $13,000 annually, twenty nine of these individuals have zero dollars income.    Eighteen percent of the individuals report living at very low level of income, meaning less than $22,300 but over $13,000 annually.  Three percent live at low income level, under $35,700 a year.   The other six percent have legal guardians who take care of their finances and do not know their income.  Eight of the individuals are single parents with children who are minors, five of them receive child support payments.  Thirteen people report working full time, twenty three part time and six report receiving unemployment.  Three receive veteran’s pensions.  Forty four individuals have been legally declared disabled.  Forty four individuals reported that they are seeking employment.

We ask about the highest level of education the individual has completed.  Seven have no completed education.  Eighty three individuals have a high school diploma or GED.  Fourteen people have completed technical college, twelve have a two year degree and four have a four year college degree.

All participating individuals report that they eat healthier because of The Community Table!